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Lego Club

Build and play with your own creations in this afterschool Lego Club. Staff will be available to give pointers if you wish to learn about building techniques, vehicles, giant lego creations, artwork and special features including lights, gears, trapdoors and exploding walls.  

General Information
  • Instructor: Nathan Tretheway
  • St. Joseph's students may take the shuttle bus to the Thompson Middle School for this program.
  • Financial Assistance may be available for this program. Print, complete and return application form attached below.
  • Early Bird prices are in effect until one week prior to the program start date. After that date the price increses by $5.
  • If you have prescribed or over-the-counter medication that will be used during the program, and you have not completed the Medication Authorization Form, please print, complete and return. (Form link below. )
  • If you have a prescribed Epi-pen, and you have not completed the Epi-Pen Form, please print, complete and return. (Form link below.)

Additional Forms and Files: